R & R Seniors' Physiotherapy Services

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Phone: 1-250-248-2486
Fax: 1-250-248-2485
Email: same as before (see bottom of page)

The Aim of R & R Seniors' Physiotherapy Services: 
To provide one-to-one physiotherapy assessment and treatment to older adults who wish to

maintain or improve mobility/strength/balance with the goal of maintaining independence 

in their own homes, in assisted living communities or long term care / complex care facilities.

Rhonda & Roger Scudds

Currently, Services only Available in Parksville and Qualicum Beach, BC


As we get older changes occur in our bodies which results in a gradual in a loss of strength, balance and flexibility. In turn, those changes can affect how we move about within our environment.  The changes that occur with aging affect us even without the presence of medical conditions. However, it is well recognized that older adults are also more likely to have multiple chronic conditions and take multiple medications than younger people.

All of these changes can lead to a loss of independence as well as a higher risk of falling. Falls can result in injury, weakness, loss of mobility, hospitalization, decreased quality of life, fear of falling and even death. However, most falls can be prevented by addressing the factors that contribute to an increased chance of falling, many of which are due to weakness and poor balance.  Improvements in strength, balance and mobility can occur well into a person’s 80’s, 90’s or older with the right exercise program that physiotherapy can provide.

R & R Seniors’ Physiotherapy Services offers individualized client-focused assessment and treatment programs for addressing the older adult’s realistic goals related to mobility, regaining previous independence after illness or injury and maximizing independence within realistic expectations.

Who might benefit from our physiotherapy services?

  • Older adults who are residents of long term care facilities, assisted living environments, private homes and who would like to be as mobile as possible and stay as independent as possible by maintaining or improving:
    • walking
    • transferring
    • balance
    • general mobility
    • bed mobility
    • joint range of motion
    • strength
  • Older adults who are at risk for falls (maybe have had one fall already) and require help with:
    • balance
    • leg strength
    • walking with appropriate walking aid (e.g. cane, walker)
  • Older adults who have been discharged home from hospital (e.g. after hip fracture, illness) and require improvements in:
    • general strengthening
    • general mobility
    • transfers
    • walking
    • balance
  • Education/counseling to families of older adults to help assist them in helping their older family members whose mobility and independence is decreasing.

For an initial assessment,

please call:
 1-250-248-2486 (Parksville, BC)

send an email to: rhonda@seniorsphysio.ca

or send a fax to:
 1-250-248-2485 (Parksville, BC)

  • PRIVATE Physiotherapy Services
  • NO Physician's referral necessary

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